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The Sheer Apron- Chocolate

The Sheer Apron- Chocolate

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DESCRIPTION Introducing The Sheer TPU Apron featuring chocolate stitching, pockets attachable and adjustable straps and classic logo. Thoughtfully Designed for comfort and to show off your cute fit, the sheer apron is lightweight, breathable, static resistant, and easy to clean! Fits most sizes XXS-XXXL 



Apron inlcludes the chocolate adjustable straps

TPU is Biodegradable (3-5 years) & Recyclable

TPU can be recycled & used to create additional raw materials, including more TPU

TPU does not contribute to pH changes in soils or groundwater during the biodegrading process

TPU is Wear & Tear & Water Resistant which allows end-products to hold up appearance even with regular and extensive use

TPU is safe and comfortable as it does not use rubber accelerators and plasticizers that can cause skin irritation or dermatitis. (BPA, Phthalates, & Lead Free)

DIMENSIONS & CARE  66cm x 69cm x 29cm 

Hang Apron after use and clean apron with a cloth and general purpose spray.

*Please note if you purchase 'pre order' & 'in stock items together, your order will be shipped together once the pre order items are in stock, we thankyou for your patience cutie pie.

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